Hello! I’m Juliana. Welcome to Juliana Isaac (the blog). A little bit over a year ago I decided to start this blog as a way to document and share my skincare tips and channel my life and wellness inspirations. In my mid twenties, after struggling with adult acne, I decided to change careers from social work to become an Esthetician. I had no idea how to care for my skin properly and it took many failed attempts to clear my skin. The experience took a toll on my self-esteem and self worth. This was the moment I realized that beauty was so much more than just applying creams and using makeup. Yes the right products do matter, a lot and I absolutely do love my products but most importantly having healthy skin is about a balanced and healthy lifestyle.



In the healing power of a spa day.

In the healing power of a glass of wine. Yes, truly.

In soulful conversations.

In long coffee dates.

In spending time in nature. It just brings me so much peace and creativity.

That it’s completely okay to reinvent yourself.

That the smallest changes can have the biggest impact.

That a new lipstick, a beautiful new necklace or a new hair do can put a pep in your step.

In the power of love + kindness.


I live in New York City with my love. We first briefly met at my cousin’s engagement party (I was a bridesmaid, he was a groomsman) but we did not start talking and eventually dating until a few years after. It was meant to be and we’ve been happily in love ever since.

After majoring in Psychology and being in the social work industry for a few years I was burnt out, stressed and unhappy. I realized SW was not for me. So I went back to school and became an Esthetician.

Why an Esthetician? When I was 25, I developed cystic acne. I’d gone from clear skin to not knowing how to treat this new condition. I tried products upon products and nothing worked. In fact, some products made my skin worst. Not to mention the toll having acne took on my self esteem. I decided that I wanted to immerse myself and learn everything about the skin and once I cleared the acne, I wanted to educate and help others with their skincare.

My other passions is interior decor. If I’m not giving myself a beauty treatment, you will probably find me rearranging furniture + redecorating my apartment, browsing design stores for design inspiration.


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