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January! I can’t believe we’re half way through the new year already!?!

It feels as though every year I hear myself saying this, but really last year in particular just went by so fast. And 2016 seems to be going at the same pace. Why is it that the older I get, the faster the years go by? Sometimes I feel as though I’m trying to catch up with time. Anyone else feel the same?

Lately I’ve been really thinking about life in general and how easy it is to be clouded with the daily routines and schedules that by the time I realize it, a  few months have passed then a year. My focus as of late has been on making time for doing more of the things I love and enjoy while working towards my goals. I’m not big on crazy new year resolutions as I feel it adds too much pressure. Rather I prefer to focus on doing one thing each day that brings me closer to my goals while not adding stress on myself. My journey has been about creating a life based on what’s most important to me. It hasn’t been easy especially during my 20’s, when I felt my mind was being pulled in a million directions. Now being in my 30’s it’s become more concise and clear. I guess that’s one great thing about getting older 😉

So here’s what I’ve been enjoying going into this month:

It’s time to plan it out – It’s been a long time since I’ve used a planner and I don’t mean the calendar or an app on my phone. I’m old school when it comes to things like this. I love writing things down, somehow it brings it to life for me. I was on the hunt for a planner that had a little something more, like space to write goals for the week, month and year and a place for reflection and to write inspiring and positive things for self motivation. I came across this one from Passion Planner and ordered it. I got the smaller size and have already started using it. I’m really enjoying being able to jot down my daily routines, to do lists and goals, rather than trying to remember every detail.

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Streamlining my wardrobe – Over the span of last year, I have been slowly going through my wardrobe and taking out items that neither fit, I haven’t worn in a long time and items that I simply do not love and have donated or sold them on thredup.  I’ve written a post about embracing minimalism here, if you’d like to read it.

The last couple of months have been about streamlining my wardrobe with items that reflect who I am and so I’ve been looking for inspiration on pinterest, instagram & other blogs for things that speak to me and slowly have been rebuilding my wardrobe. I’m still working on it and have to say my shopping trips have completely changed since going through this process. Often times I’ve left the store empty handed and that’s okay. I don’t want to settle for buying an item just for the sake of having it or because omg it’s a great deal. Having a certain image in mind of what exactly I’m looking for has made a big difference. This process has been about being more intentional in what I purchase and buying quality over quantity. It doesn’t just stop at my wardrobe though, I have taken this whole approach into every aspect of my life which has been pretty great.

What’s been on your mind this month?