This winter has been seriously brutal in New York City – We’ve had way too much snow. It just seems to be dragging on. Over the weekend we got a bit of a teaser with temperatures rising to the 50’s {in NY during winter season, this is a dream} today however, we’re back to the frigid temps…hmph, what can one do. I’m so ready to leave the winter blues behind and start shedding the layers of clothing.

In the meantime though, I’ve been dreaming of spring and gearing up for the warmer weather by fancy-ing some spring fashion.



I love this chambray shirt dress. It is a workhorse in your wardrobe. I’m thinking a coral scarf, dainty gold jewelry or a statement necklace could pair nicely as well. The possibilities are endless.

1. bag  | 2. scarf  | 3. chambray shirt dress  | 4. Aviators  | 5.  bangle  |  6. shoes

I fully admit that when I heard about the resurfacing of the gold trend in home decor, I was a bit hesitant. It immediately bought me back to the not so attractive 1980’s gold decor – Not a pretty vision. This trend however is far from circa 1980’s. It is just right and so good! I am definitely feeling the gold love.

A few touches of gold sprinkled around your space just adds a little something different. It takes everything up a notch and can even solve your decor woes. What I love about gold home accessories is that as a neutral it goes with all sorts of color schemes and fits in with any decor style.  You could add one accent piece or have several pieces throughout your home.


                                      seeing gold 





                          Have you been feeling the gold love?

          1. athena tray | 2. pillow | 3. bowl | 4. vase | 5. wishbone  
           6. mingle glass | 7. ming boxes | 8. initial wine stopper