The last few months I’ve been on full purging mode. Last week my boyfriend and I moved into a new apartment and as I’ve been going through the things we have accumulated over the last two years, I’m realizing how much unnecessary stuff we tend to keep that is no longer useful to us. I went through every inch of our stuff and have managed to get rid of quite a large amount of things including donating several bags of clothing and shoes that didn’t fit or I had not worn for a long time. I used an online consignment store called thredup to sell items that had been sitting in my closet with tags still on or still looked new. The process has left me feeling so much lighter but in all honesty with a sense of guilt as well. Purging all these things opened my eyes to all the waste which definitely does not make me feel good. I’ve always thought of myself as a resourceful person and as someone who was aware of not being wasteful, so that was tough to take, but it completely changed everything for me.

I fully admit that in the past I have been a shopaholic and many times purchased items without really putting thought into the long term use of it and how it would pair with the rest of my wardrobe or home items. So I’ve been going through what I like to call a minimalism “soul searching”. I’ve really dug deep for the reasons behind my over shopping and it has helped in more ways than I imagined. I realized that before, shopping for me was a mind game of believing that I really needed something when I actually didn’t. Have you ever been in that position when shopping? My mind reasoning goes like this, ohhh that’s a really cute shirt, I kinda need a white top like this, hmmm should I get it? I really should, I don’t want to loose out on it. In reality, I didn’t need another white shirt, but the mind games always got me. Not anymore, I haven’t shopped in months to really let my new minimalism approach sink in. I’ve streamlined everything, my wardrobe, my beauty arsenal with items I absolutely love and work for me. My intention now is to build a clothing, beauty and home wardrobe of things that I absolutely need and I will get a lot of use out of. For me it’s about being mindful and intentional with what I decide to spend my money on and surround myself with. I want every item in my home to be a reflection of me. I have become a firm believer in being surrounded by less of the things I love rather than having more things that don’t make me absolutely happy. There’s no reason to have unnecessary baggage.